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Services Include

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Lawn Care

The key to any good lawn is good maintenance. We can advise on improving your lawn with these methods:

SCARIFICATION: Removing thatch and moss, which can restrict light and air to the lawn.

HOLLOW TINNING (AERATION): The sinking of hollow steel tines into your lawn and temporarily removing the plug of grass and soil. This aids drainage, allows air down to the grass root and reduces compaction.

LAWN DRESSING APPLICATION: Applying a rich combination of sand, loam and peat to build up the quality of the lawn soil promoting drainage, moisture retention and essential nutrients.

WEEDING & FEEDING: Applying in Spring and Summer, nitrogen rich feed. In Autumn a phosphate rich feed and in Spring and Autumn a potash rich feed.

RE-SEEDING: Using quality sports turf seed.

Pricing is based on size of lawn & treatments necessary.

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Power Washing

We charge per square meter to jet wash a variety of hard surfaces including:

  • Asphalt
  • Decking
  • Block paving
  • Natural Stone
  • Concrete and resin bond surfaces
  • Precast concrete

There is a minimum area charge for this service of 30 square metres.
It is recommended to re-sand block paving after jet washing.

Tree Work

We can provide prices to reduce, shape, crown lift or fell any sized trees.

Naturally our tree surgeons are fully qualified and we will investigate any tree protection issues before any work is undertaken.

All our tenders are free of charge and our experts can offer helpful advice regarding any potential work.

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Garden Clearance

Phil Franklin Landscapes can tame even the most overgrown or messy gardens.

The scale of this work is not an issue as we can either charge by time and waste removed or make an appointment to visit so we can offer a free tender to complete the work to standard for one set price.


Phil Franklin landscapes can supply and plant out your garden to any specification.

The client can either set us a budget to work to, supply their own plants or contact us where we can discuss planting designs, and implement these.

This may include established trees, hedging, shrubs and perennial/herbaceous borders.

We may take the opportunity to test your soil and make suggestions to improve the soil structure where necessary.

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Fencing/Decking Treatment

Phil Franklin Landscapes can offer tenders to paint or spray any fencing, decking or garden structures.

Our prices will include all preparation work, paints or oils and labour to complete any work to standard.

Soil Improvement

Phil Franklin Landscapes can provide tenders to improve soil in your garden to ensure the best possible condition of any planting.

This might include improving drainage to clay soils, conditioning sandy soils or mulching to reduce weed growth and moisture evaporation.

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